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"There is no benefit for us in excess heat recovery"

Once the cooling system is operating satisfactorily it may be difficult to see the additional benefits of excess heat recovery. The Nohewa model creates savings and media value, while demonstrating a high degree of societal and environmental responsibility.


Your need to buy energy externally decreases, which has a direct positive impact on profitability through a cut in operational expenses. Utilizing the excess heat generated in the every-day processes of your business is also a great way to showcase your company’s environmentally aware values. Your benefits start accumulating from day one, without investing or paying for leasing fees.


"We don't have the resources to execute a project like this"

Heat recovery projects require time, resources, and effort. The projects tend to be heavy, as several external partners are usually needed.


With the Nohewa model there is no need for hiring a design agency or bidding contractors, as we will take care of everything from the first feasibility assessment to operation and maintenance.


Optimizing heat recovery is our core business and we have years of experience and unique expertise. The excess heat of your process will be utilized while your resources concentrate on your core business.

"The payback time of the project is too long"

Investments related to heat recovery systems are large because the projects are complex with several phases, which results in long payback times. Thus, opting to have only a process cooling system is understandable, but it is not ideal from the environmental perspective.


Nohewa combines the environmental aspect with the economical feasibility with the Heat Recovery as a Service model. We take care of all the investment without sending a single invoice to the source of the excess heat.

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"We don’t have enough space for the equipment, and we do not want third parties interfering with our processes"

The Nohewa heat recovery plant is movable and modular, and fully scalable above 1 MW loads. The solution does not require a lot of space.


The pre-manufactured heat production plant is delivered to the site ‘plug&play’ ready. All the necessary connections are also prefabricated, so the onsite construction work does not cause disturbances or risk to your business processes.


The Heat Recovery as a Service model provides you a perfect solution to benefit from excess heat.


The need to purchase energy externally decreases without making a large investment. Emissions decrease while your processes aren’t interfered.

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