Do you have a project in which energy efficient and reliable cooling equipment or heat pumps are needed? Are you looking for a skilled and trustworthy HVAC contractor?


In addition to heat recovery, we have solid experience and competence in more traditional contracting in the HVAC and energy sector. Our design, contracting, and commissioning expertise adds value to your project and ensures the schedule and budget stay under control. We also provide energy efficient and reliable cooling equipment and heat pumps with a short delivery time, at a competitive price.


Do you need consultation support or design and modelling services from an experienced professional?


We design and model our cooling, heating, and heat recovery solutions in-house. We also support our customers in:


  • Designing of energy efficient, reliable, and low-emission cooling, heating, and heat recovery systems.

  • Neutral third-party consultancy services for your cooling or heating related project, to ensure the functional and energy efficiency targets are met.

  • Assessments and consultation related to energy efficiency and problems in existing cooling and heating systems.

  • Commissioning of cooling, heating, and heat recovery systems in data centers and other industrial sites. We ensure that the system will perform optimally from the operation start.

In addition to our Heat Recovery as a Service model, we provide a range of other cooling and heating related services. 


All our services are delivered with exceptionally high quality, flexibility, and reliability.


Are you expanding or renewing the cooling system of your data center?


Our experts have been designing, building, and commissioning cooling and heat recovery systems in some of the most advanced data centers in Finland. These systems have a combined capacity of more than 50 MW. Our comprehensive experience makes us the perfect partner for improving any data center’s energy efficiency.


You can order IT cooling equipment from well-established European and North American brands through us. Our product range covers the industry’s most reliable and energy efficient equipment.


If you are renewing your data center’s cooling system or building a new data center and are interested in incorporating a heat recovery solution, contact us for support.


Do you need operations and maintenance support with your current cooling or heating systems?


We can help with any issue you have, even when it is not clear what the issue is. We excel in understanding the big picture of cooling and heating systems, so we are well equipped to find the root causes to the system and equipment problems.


We will investigate and solve any cooling or heating system malfunction while you concentrate on your core business.