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no heat wasted

Nohewa offers modular, scalable, and transformable heat pump plants. We optimize heating and cooling processes to benefit our customers and the climate.

Heatzilla module


Heatzilla® concept was created to meet the need for a plug-n-play heat pump plant with shorter delivery time and possibility to scale the plant design to the right heating capacity.

Heatzilla® plants are ecological and economical alternatives for district heat production and other heating needs. 

Solution according to your needs

Heatzilla® products are scalable, modular, and flexibly adjustable to fit large variety of different facilities. The heating capacity can be scaled up starting from 1,5 MW. Custom solutions are available for smaller heating needs. 

Heating from any source

With different block combinations modular Heatzilla® plants can utilize heat from the air or any water sources. Plant can be installed inside an existing facility or delivered with weatherproof container elements.

Plug-n-play solution

The Heatzilla® blocks are delivered to the site pre-fabricated and will be connected with very little disturbance at the site. Nohewa will take care of the whole process until the commissioning is successfully completed. 


We work for sustainability.