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Turnkey heat recovery solutions and services throughout the entire life cycle

Nohewa, remote operation and optimization

Remote operation, maintenance and optimization

Through previous projects and with extensive industry experience, Nohewa team has understanding for our customers’ businesses and needs. With smart operation and optimization, profit to the customer can be maximized. We can analyse together with the customer what is the best solution for each situation. 


Nohewa takes care of remote operation and maintenance of the plant according to the customer’s wishes. With Nohewa's support, the heat pump plant will be reliable and productive.

Nohewa, turnkey partner

Turnkey partner

Nohewa has the know-how and the experience needed for a full heat pump plant delivery. We strive to make sure our customers can rest easy during and after the delivery with Nohewa as their turnkey partner. Nohewa takes full main contractor responsibility to make sure all aspects of the heat pump plant and the project will be covered. Streamlined project execution is our top priority. Customers can expect short delivery times compared to current industry standards.


Nohewa has built strong relationships with our production partners from heat pump manufacturers to piping and automation contractors, which ensures fluent collaboration during the delivery project. Nohewa makes sure we have the best people on the job for conceptualization, design, project management, pre-manufacturing, assembly, commissioning, and aftercare. 


With the right technology and the right people Nohewa makes sure no heat is wasted! 

Nohewa, heat pump plants for all needs

Heat pump plants for all needs

Nohewa delivers heat pump plants for variety of customers in Finland and other countries. Some are meant for waste heat recovery - for example from a data center - while others utilize outdoor air for centralized heating production. There are many possibilities and combinations, so a solution for any customer need can be found.


Over the years, the best Nohewa design solutions and practices have been developed into the Heatzilla® concept and blocks which provide modular, scalable, and transformable heat pump plants for many different needs. However, sometimes custom solutions are necessary, so do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding industrial heat pumps and heat recovery! 

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