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The heat pump solution for all heat sources

Heatzilla® plants consist of blocks, each serving their own designated purpose, which are combined to create a suitable heat recovery plant to meet the customer’s needs. The Heatzilla® products are fully scalable according to the client’s capacity requirements, and the plant can be supplemented and modified throughout its lifecycle, even during production. The plant can be relocated relatively easily if necessary. The blocks can be located outside or inside of an existing facility. For outside spaces the Heatzilla® plant will be produced with a weather-proof exterior. The Heatzilla® product family is the perfect solution for energy companies looking to improve the ecology and economy of their business quickly. 

Heat sources

Nohewa's products enable heat recovery from various sources. 

Heatzilla, heat sources

Heatzilla® plant is a complete turnkey delivery, where Nohewa is responsible for the conceptualization, design, procurement, assembly, and commissioning of the plant, as well as service and maintenance according to the contract. Heatzilla® contains all the necessary technology including piping, circulation water pumping, heat recovery side buffer tanks if necessary, and an automation system that controls the operation of the plant. The delivery includes low-voltage switchgear and other internal electrical distribution. 

Technical specification

Heatzilla® plants are divided into two categories based on the heat source: Heatzilla® Air and Heatzilla® Reco. Heatzilla® Air utilizes outdoor air as a heat source, and Heatzilla® Reco recovers heat from any water source, such as industrial waste waters and data centers. 

Modular, scalable and transformable
High energy
performance and
Small footprint
low noice
Fast turnkey

Heatzilla® Reco

Heatzilla® Reco utilizes heat energy from any water-based system e.g., process cooling system of a data center, a factory or a power plant. It is also suitable for collecting heat from purified wastewater or geothermal wells. Heatzilla® Reco consist of indoor screw compressor heat pumps and all the auxiliary mechanical and electrical equipment. The Heatzilla® product family is designed for resilient, flexible operation and maximum energy efficiency.  

Heatzilla® Air

Heatzilla® Air plant consist of arrays of air-source heat pumps utilizing heat energy from the outdoor air and indoor screw compressor heat pumps. Heatzilla® Air is designed to be located in urban environments where low noise emissions and custom landscaping is required. Heatzilla® Air is also an excellent extra heat source for a hybrid plant, where the waste heat availability is lower than required.

Heatzilla® Hybrid

Heatzilla® Hybrid is a heat pump plant combining multiple heat sources. Hybrid solutions are a way to integrate separate heat sources into one heat pump facility. Investing in a single hybrid facility reduces costs, building time and the need for several contractors. Customers with small capacity heat sources can have an efficient Heatzilla® plant with an additional air source heat pump.

Produced heating  water up to:

Operating range:

Heating capacity:


Refrigerant WWHP:


1,5 / 3 / 6 ... 60MW


3,0 - 6,0 

Based on source temperature

R1234ze (GWP 1, IPCC 5)

≈ 100 m2 / 6 MW

Heat source temperature +5–50°C

Produced heating  water up to:

Operating range:

Heating capacity:


Refrigerant AWHP:


1,5 / 3 / 6 ... 60MW


Outdoor temperature -12–35°C

2,0 - 3,0 

as a function of outdoor temperature

R513A (GWP 572, IPCC 5)

≈ 210 m2 / 6 MW

Contact us for more detailed info on Heatzilla Hybrid!

Heatzilla module

Heatzilla® is a heat pump technology-based heating and/or cooling plant engineered and optimized for ecological and economical centralized heating production. Heatzilla® plant is a prefabricated plug-n-play solution based on fit for purpose blocks. The plant is instantly ready for operation when electrified and connected to the district heating network. Heatzilla® is based on a unique, fast and structured delivery model minimizing custom work at customer site.


Large battery pack for active optimization 

DH water reservoir (Tank / PTES, e.g., 600-1500 m3)

Solar panels

Landscaping of choice

With or without plate heat exchangers

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